Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thaumaturge 365 @ the Prudential Center

The Thaumaturge 365 creative team has created original animations for the mega-screen on the side of the Prudential Center. The lead students of the team participated in City Without Walls Newark New Media artist residency and apprenticeship program. Working with their mentor, Andrew Teheran, they produced thirty-second animations that are currently in rotation on the screen through the end of July.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Flight of the Arrowhead Team Dominates Newark Public Schools Film Festival

Students of East Side High School led by kids from the Thaumaturge 365 animation and FX team won in seven film categories at the 7th Annual Newark Public Schools Film Festival which was held at the Newark Screens on Springfield avenue on Wednesday night. The team won the Animation Award for their music video, Chickens In Love and won in the Commercial Category with their Flight Of The Arrowhead trailer. The chief animator of The Flight of the Arrowhead, Leonardo Guilli, won best animator along with Joao Tarouco, Andre Zatta and Carina Alves. Actress and founding member of Thumagturge 365 Stephanie Lee Garcia won the Graphics Award for her original illustrations for Chickens In Love. In The Flight of the Arrowhead Stephanie plays two characters. She reprises her role as the mercurial fairy Lee-Lou and adds to her repertoire the austere enchantress Lady Ursula Seraphane. "It is extremely challenging to play two roles that are so distinct, especially when they are in a scene together and have to interact."
Dorian Sabae and Felipe Dos Santos, the composers and performers of the original soundtrack of The Flight of The Arrowhead won the Best Music award for their work on the trailer for The Flight of The Arrowhead.
It was a great night where all of the student filmmakers in the City of Newark screened their work. The night was made possible by the School-to-Careers and College Initiatives office of the Newark Public Schools.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Creation of an original soundtrack.

For the last 10 months, Dorian Sabae has been composing, performing and arranging a new and original soundtrack for The Flight of the Arrowhead. We know Dorian from his award winning work on the music score for Fernium 8. This year he was joined by Felipe Dos Santos, who is composing additional tracks for the score. The director of the film Joao Tarouco said, "Dorian is unbelievably talented. His music gives another dimension to the story, unifying the mood and theme. It adds an extra level of drama, acting like a character within the story itself. It is almost as if we struck the lottery a second time with the addition of Felipe to the soundtrack team."

Here are links to two of the tracks from the film:

Monday, February 1, 2010

The sequel to "The Wraith."

In Spring 2008, the students of East Side High School's New Media Studies program created a film designed to test the limits of their abilities in creating special effects. The seven minute film titled The Wraith, directed by Joao Tarouco and Sergio Gonzalez, featured a young prince accompanied by two fairies running from a menacing undead creature which ended in a cliffhanger. The film won Best Fiction in the 2008 Newark Public Schools Student Film Festival. Ever since its release, the film's audience continually asked: "What happens next?" The Flight of The Arrowhead endeavors to answer that question.

Watch The Wraith here.

Welcome to "The Flight of the Arrowhead"

This blog has been created to allow all of the supporters and friends of East Side High School's New Media Studies program to follow the the students in their efforts to create the film: "The Flight of the Arrowhead." This ambitious project was started in April 2009 and continues currently for a Spring 2010 release. The premiere of the film will take place at the main branch of the Newark Public Library on a date to be announced. Check this blog frequently for updates and production info and stills.