Monday, February 25, 2013

Crew Builds Miniature Sets Using Games-Workshop Techniques

                                       Michael "Mikey-Mike" Raposo

The tradition of miniature building within the Thaumaturge Wonderworks animation house is a long one. Growing out of after school pen and pencil gaming sessions, scores of highly detailed 1in.=5ft. scale architectural and nautical pieces were made by the students of East Side's New Media Studies Magnet Program. Many of the techniques employed by the team were learned from instructional guides published by the gaming company Games Workshop.

All of the miniatures were built with mostly Styrofoam, card stock and cardboard. They were painted primarily with acrylic paints. Each of the individual pieces represent many hours of work. The images function, along with virtual CGI models as the sets for our film that was almost entirely shot on green screen. Enjoy the images below.

                                       CGI Artist Leonardo "Da Vinci" Gulli

                                       Port Keel

                                       Composited Frame (with CGI and live footage)

                                       Hugo "Kid Slow-Mo" Santos with "The Old Lager"

                                       Caroline "Carrie" Sincaruk at work

                                                Director Joao Tarouco and Keenen Jones build a church

                                       Jose "Shadow" Perez and Luiz Ataides

                                       Greco-Roman style piece for climactic final battle of film

                                       Final composite for Port Keel establishing shot