Sunday, September 4, 2016

N1-g3l in as a Dungeons and Dragons character in The Tome of Beasts!

Not only has the Thaumaturge Animation Team produced media content for Kobold Press' 'Tome of Beasts,' but our favorite clockwork sidekick, N1-g3l, from 'The Flight of the Arrowhead,' has his own page in the bestiary! Andrew Teheran and Joao Tarouco designed stats for the N1-g3l model, called a "Library Automaton," for the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons game.

The character N1-g3l was originally designed by Joao Tarouco, Richard Santiago, Leonardo Gulli, Andrew Teheran and the rest of the production team of 'The Flight of the Arrowhead.'

The book 'Tome of Beasts' is available for sale on the Kobold Press website and on

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